Athena finds out percy and annabeth are dating Sex chat and dirty picx for girls

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I arch off the bed, crying out Percy's name just loud enough for him to hear."Shit... His hands pull mine away and wipes up the release that my hands didn't catch. At least one and I'll get the rest."My glance slides over to my index finger and I put it in my mouth, sucking my juices off of it. He opens his mouth and crawls between my legs to rest his chin on my stomach. I open my eyes, smiling at his surprised look."Three years of dating... I dangle my hand in front of his face and he licks from my palm to my middle finger.

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Do it again..." He traces my jaw with his thumb."Mhmm..." I respond, going a little quicker. Moments later he climaxes into my mouth and I expect it. ."My boyfriend smirks, removing his fingers to grab onto the bed while he looks around for the Ziploc bag. I need my anniversary gift still.""Don't you worry about me, Mr. I'll be than fine." My legs spread, quickly glancing down watching him slide on the latex.

Our hips move as one, sliding and grinding into one another as his erection starts to dig into my inner thigh and my arousal grows, making my need overtake my mind and body completely. He moves a little faster and rubs my inner thigh with his other hand. I'm now hypersensitive to every touch, every breath. With a light thud, it hits the metal bottom of the garbage can.

You've been waiting long enough, so it's time for chapter 2! Not sure of it's needed, but another disclaimer saying that Uncle Rick owns the rights to all characters even though they're too cute to handle sometimes. Percy's mouth his attacking my neck like an animal, leaving me huffing and struggling against his firm hold. He has to hold my hips down or else they'll just keep rising to his hands."Annabeth..." He whispers huskily into my ear and it runs straight down to where his hands are. Even when he thinks he came out on top, in reality I did. A thumb glides up and starts to encircle my clit at the same time another finger's added. I don't need to do anything."Percy cocks an eyebrow, gently rubbing my upper hip joints with his still wet fingers, somehow finding a way to keep me aroused without doing much. He leans over and on top of me to get tissues to wrap it up in.

I sink into it, feeling his body come on top of mine.

A hand feels down his chest, down his stomach, to his growing erection. Wriggling to meet my cupped hand, I look up at him for a moment, giving him the chance to grab hold of one side of my head and push me closer to his crotch.

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