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He moved to the Los Angeles area with his mother around the age of 7 after his parents divorced.

A graduate of North Hollywood High School, Convy was a talented first baseman on the school’s baseball team.

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bert 77 dating-54

I remember vividly my first contact with “Then Came Bronson” on NBC-TV in the fall of 1969 when America was in a strange and dangerous state.Fast forward a few decades and a couple of wives and two more kids later and here I am on the interwebs running Windows 98 searching for “Then Came Bronson”.Long story short, I found it in various incarnations on VHS tapes.If you’re here today, it’s a good chance that you came to this site due to the news that Michael Parks has passed away.I’ve had this site for 15 years plus and it has long been a source of joy to me for lo these many years..

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