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Why is your online dating profile picture so important?This answer may seem a little obvious, but first impressions count – not just in real life but online too.So why is your inbox not lighting up with responses from prospective soul mates?The chances are, your profile is missing one key element: the perfect profile picture.In the same way that an attractive stranger may catch your eye from across the room at a party, someone’s profile picture is the first thing you notice about them.On e Harmony, all you initially see of your matches are their name and their profile picture – meaning that that’s all you have to go on before choosing whether or not to learn more about a particular match.Whether it ends up being correct or not, people form an opinion about you based on your profile photo, deciding instantaneously whether or not you’re the right “look” for them.In the same way that a great profile photo can attract someone instantly, a bad one can turn them off straight away, meaning they’ve made a snap judgment before they’re able to learn anything more about you.

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There are also some tips for choosing the best profile picture so that you too can attract the attention of all those fabulous men and women who are just waiting to meet someone like you.

You’ve done everything right: you’ve crafted thoughtful, genuine responses to the profile questionnaire; avoided clichés and thought carefully about how your matches might perceive your answers.

Your dating profile makes you sound like the catch you truly are: someone unique and genuine with a wide range of interests who is looking for someone equally as wonderful to capture their heart.

If you’re in doubt as to whether something makes you look like you’re cranky, tired, or like you don’t want to be messed with – ask a friend for their objective opinion.

Photos with someone else Your profile photo should feature you and only you: no exes, no best mates, no pictures of a random at a bar taken on a wild night out.

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