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Trends also show that online dating is becoming increasingly sophisticated, with more personality styles and physical traits revealed online, she said.“It used to be single, white, female,” Rakovski said about online postings.Russell and Tarantino, who met during a Taco Tuesday event at Sharkeez bar and restaurant in Newport Beach, were looking for ways to let Tarantino stay at home with their now 6-year-old daughter when they came up with the idea of starting a Web site.Knowing the allure of the uniform, the two launched – a site that hooks up singles with “heroes” – professionals who save lives, such as police officers, firefighters and military personnel, or “enrich” lives, such as lawyers or teachers.Russell, 39, who lives in Costa Mesa with his wife and daughter, has been off the dating market for nine years.He knows firsthand that there is something about a uniform that attracts attention. and she grabs my face and gives me a kiss on the neck.” Rick Brandelli, a fire captain in Los Angeles County, said the Web site scored him about five dates and is where he met Cindy Jacobson, his girlfriend of two years.

Still, local firefighters who are not on the site said potential partners should still have a healthy degree of skepticism about online dating, even though someone says they work for a police or fire department.“But now you can see so much information about the person prior to meeting them.” Thousands of Web sites like are beginning to break down personalities and pair them with prospective partners with similar interests, she said.On e, a questionnaire asks about education, personal income and seven aspects of personal appearance, including sexy, overweight and stylish.Russell and Tarantino redesigned in August to have more photo galleries and ways to send gifts to potential partners.The revised Web pages also offer virtual first dates where couples can meet in chat rooms decorated as a French bistro, beach or mountain setting. Russell said the site requires authentication of employment to help weed out frauds.

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