Middle ages 1327 dating system

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Alexander IV thought of making the legislation of the Order of Preachers into a special rule known as that of St.Dominic, and for that purpose commissioned the Dominican cardinal, Hugh of St.The first organic group is the convent, which may not be founded with less than twelve religious. XXXII, 233, 236), hence the saying: Bernardus valles, montes Benedictus amabat, Oppida Franciscus, celebres Dominicus urbes.At first only large convents were allowed and these were located in important cities (Mon. (Bernard loved the valleys, Benediet the mountains, Francis the towns, Dominic the populous cities).We owe the preservation of these Statuta, as well as the Rule of St.Sixtus, to the fact that this legislation was applied in 1232 to the Penitent Sisters of St. After the legislative work of the general chapters had been added to the Constitution of 1216-20, without changing the general ordinance of the primitive text, the necessity was felt, a quarter of a century later, of giving a more logical distribution to the legislation in its entirety.(Expecting the brethren of your order to be the champions of the Faith and true lights of the world, we confirm your order.) On 15 Aug., 1217 St. They went through France, Spain, and Italy, and established as principal centres, Toulouse, Paris, Madrid, Rome, and Bologna. In this chapter, the Preachers also gave up certain elements of the canonical life; they relinquished all possessions and revenues, and adopted the practice of strict poverty; they rejected the title of abbey for the convents, and substituted the rochet of canons for the monastic scapular. Præd.", I, 20; Denifle, "Archiv.", I, 212; Balme, "Cart.", III, 575).Dominic, by constant journeyings, kept watch over these new establishments, and went to Rome to confer with the Sovereign Pontiff (Balme, "Cart." II, 131; "Annales Ord. The regime of annual general chapters was established as the regulative power of the order, and the source of legislative authority. Now that the legislation of the Friars Preachers was fully established, the Rule of the Sisters of St. The order, however, supplied what was wanting by compiling a few years after, the Statuta, which borrowed from the Constitutions of the Friars, whatever might be useful in a monastery of Sisters.

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In its formation and development, the Dominican legislation as a whole is closely bound up with historical facts relative to the origin and progress of the order. They created for the first time in the Church of the Middle Ages the type of apostolic preachers, patterned upon the teaching of the Gospel. Augustine and also the special Institutions which regulated the life of the Sisters, and of the Brothers who lived near them, for the spiritual and temporal administration of the community. I (Augsburg, 1723), 169; "Urkundenbuch der Stadt.", I (Fribourg, Leipzig, 1883), 605.

Augustine, and added thereto the "Consuetudines" which regulated the ascetic and canonical life of the religious.

These were borrowed in great part from the Constitutions of Prémontré, but with some essential features, adapted to the purposes of the new Preachers who also renounced private possession of property, but retained the revenues. Dominic held at Bologna the first general chapter of the order.

In this form it has remained to the present time as the official text, with some modification, however, in the way of suppressions and especially of additions due to later enactments of the general chapters. Humbert remodelled them on the Constitutions of the Brothers, and put them into effect at the General Chapter of Valenciennes, 1259. They seem to be the work of Herman of Minden, Provincial of Teutonia (1286-90).

It was edited in Denifle, "Archiv.", V, 553; "Acta Capitulorum Generalium", I (Rome, 1898), II, 13, 18, in "Monum. The Sisters were henceforth characterized as Sorores Ordinis Prdicatorum. Præd." (Rome, 1897), 338; Finke, "Ungedruckte Dominicanerbriefe des 13 Jahrhunderts" (Paderborn, 1891), D. He drew up at first a concise admonition ( Denifle, "Archiv.", II, 549); then other series of admonitions, more important, which have not been edited (Rome, Archives of the Order, Cod. The legislation of the Friars Preachers is the firmest and most complete among the systems of law by which institutions of this sort were ruled in the thirteenth century.

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