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This privilege laid the foundation for Bremen's later status of imperial immediacy (Free Imperial City).But in reality Bremen did not have complete independence from the Prince-Archbishops: there was no freedom of religion, and burghers still had to pay taxes to the Prince-Archbishops.Opodo-Kunden schreiben in ihren Hotelbewertungen, ob ein billiges Hotel den Preis wert war oder ob nicht doch ein gnstiges Hotel mit mehr Komfort fr die Urlaubslaune die geeignetere Wahl ist.Lassen Sie sich von den Hotelempfehlungen unserer Kunden inspirieren!By the end of the 3rd century, they had merged with the Saxons.During the Saxon Wars (772–804) the Saxons, led by Widukind, fought against the West Germanic Franks, the founders of the Carolingian Empire, and lost the war.

The marshes and moraines near Bremen have been settled since about 12,000 BC.Bremen played a double role: it participated in the Diets of the neighbouring Prince-Archbishopric of Bremen as part of the Bremian Estates and paid its share of taxes, at least when it had previously consented to this levy.Since the city was the major taxpayer, its consent was generally sought. Around this time the Hansekogge (cog ship) became a unique product of Bremen.As a commercial and industrial city with a major port on the River Weser, Bremen is part of the Bremen/Oldenburg Metropolitan Region, with 2.4 million people.Bremen is the second most populous city in Northern Germany and eleventh in Germany.

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