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Old houses, particularly, are notorious for their lack of closet space.

If you have cramped storage areas, Realtor Moe Viessi of Miami suggests adding do-it-yourself wire and laminate closet systems to bedrooms, pantries and entry closets.

In a note obtained by , Kuo explains that Apple is planning to keep the i Phone SE as-is for the time being. Apple wants to keep its margins high by subtly encouraging users to upgrade to the more margin-friendly i Phone 7 and i Phone 7 Plus.

Kuo forecasts that total shipment volume of i Phones will decline in the first half of 2017 due to tepid demand in China, slow shipment volume of 4.7-inch i Phones and the lack of an i Phone SE refresh in the second quarter of the year.

DONT MISS: Google shows that at least 10 million users ditched Android for i Phone To date, the i Phone SE has been something of a sleeper hit for Apple, with Tim Cook even noting that demand for the device was much higher than the company anticipated.

Still, a new research report from KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo relays that Apple isn’t planning to grace the i Phone SE with an annual refresh in March of 2017.

He expects suppliers to begin price reductions on components in either November or December of this year.

If your kitchen appliances don’t match, order new doors or face panels for them.

When Nicole Persley, a Realtor in Boca Raton, Fla., was sprucing up her own home to sell, her mix-and-match kitchen bothered her.

“All I had to do was unscrew two screws, slide out the panel and flip it around. ” Persley, who has remodeled numerous homes for resale, says that a more cohesive-looking kitchen makes a big difference in the buyer’s mind — and in the home’s resale price.

Next to the kitchen, bathrooms are often the most important rooms to update. “Even simple things like a new toilet seat and a pedestal sink are pretty easy for homeowners to install, and they make a big difference in the look of the bath,” says Moran.

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